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Prevention Guidelines

For the safety of all of us

Covid-19: safety and prevention rules

At Cooking Lisbon we welcome all our customers with the appropriate protection and safety measures. For this same reason, since May we have been awarded the "Clean&Safe" seal, which recognizes us as a tourism company that practices all safety rules to reduce the risks of contamination by SARS-Cov2 or other viruses.

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Our commitment

All ready to receive you with maximum security!


Our team: all our employees are trained in the rules of hygiene and safety for the prevention of transmission of Covid-19. Every day they are submitted to a temperature measurement, before start working. For them, the use of mask and hand disinfection are mandatory measures.

Our facilities: we have reinforced our entire plan for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and utensils. We have made disinfectant available for all those who frequent our space, as well as signage so that it is easier to meet the safety distance between people.

Capacity reduction: we have two kitchens for the classes and workshops. In normal times our kitchens, which include space for meals, have capacity for 20 and 50 people, respectively. Given the current context, these numbers have been reduced to 10 and 25 people.


If you attend one of our classes, we ask for your special attention for the following indications:

Use of mask: the use of mask is mandatory in all our space. You can only remove the mask during the meal period. Here you will be assigned a place with a safe distance from the other participants. If you take one of our classes with someone you know and want to have lunch/dinner together, you can do so without any restrictions.

Temperature measurement: as a precaution, we measure the temperature of all our customers as soon as they arrive at our facilities. If a temperature of 38º or higher is recorded, that person will not be able to participate in the class.

Disinfection: at the entrance of the store, disinfect your hands (we have a disinfectant dispenser) and your shoes on the carpet provided for that purpose. In our kitchens, there are also other disinfectant dispensers, so you can disinfect your hands whenever you feel the need.

Social distance and circulation in the space: always follow the recommended social distance, about 2 meters between the other participants and handle, only the kitchen utensils provided to you.

Thank you for your understanding!


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