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Stevie, Wines and the Codfish

Codfish is always an ingredient that foreigners associate to Portuguese. During April, Stevie visit Portugal. After a personal voyage to Korea, China and Australia. He decided to come to Portugal on the other side of the globe.

During his stay he learned how to cook Codfish Bras Style, among other portuguese traditional dishes during a Cooking Class with us.

Cooking Class Lisbon Portugal, from left to right: Rosana, Stevie, Chef André Lopes
Cooking Class Lisbon Portugal, from left to right: Rosana, Stevie, Chef André Lopes

Stevie is a world citizen that travels and work worldwide without fear of the unknown. Australia, Korea, China, United Kingdom and many other countries that he didnt tells about.

We could listen Stevie during several hours speaking about his personal trip.

Amazing personality, easy engaging and excellent communicator it was a huge pleasure have his presence on the Cooking Class at Cooking Lisbon.

Stevie leaned during his Cooking Class how to make a entire gluten free portuguese menu with the original recipes. We started with the dessert called Farófias (milk, sugar, eggs based).

After the dessert we take care of the first step of Pork Meat Portuguese Style (different from Alentejo Style – without clams) and from the Starter.

Our Starter is  Scrambled Eggs with Asparagus (if possible wild asparagus), an easy Portuguese recipe that you can make in 10 minutes and its delicious. Has usual, the cooking classes at Cooking Lisbon are hands on and Stevie was the guy of the Codfish Brás Style.

Just after the rest of the group take care of the ingredients (prepare the olive oil, onions, garlic and codfish). The codfish cooked during the cooking class was delicious.

Congratulations to all people that contribute to his amazing dish.

It was time to prepare the Pork Meat Portuguese Style and have the meat dish, dessert and coffee. Every moment with Portuguese wines from different wine regions. We served Setúbal wine region (white, muscat grape variety) and Douro ( Red wine, international awarded).

Excellent night with these new friends we made at table. See you next time in Portugal (or during our vacations in your country).

Cooking Lisbon has a social media presence on the major channels, if your would like to join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter .

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