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The Kitchen Studio

At 50m2, Kitchen Studio has the capacity to accommodate up to 20 people and is fully equipped, having the right tools at your fingertips allowing you to easily and successfully prepare each dish. The adjoining dining area provides a comfortable, fun space to socialize with your fellow chefs while enjoying the delicious meal you just prepared.


At a glance:

50 square meters

Secure Wi-fi

Back kitchen access

A/C & heating

Sound system


Luxury appliances

Close to the Food Market

Central Lisbon location

This room is perfect for:

Cooking Class             14

Drink Receptions         20

Private dinners            14

Chef's Table Dinner     12

The Mum's Kitchen

At 125m2, Mum’s Kitchen has the capacity to accommodate up to 50 people. With its large kitchen island and work tables, participants will have all the space and tools required for a great cooking experience and gastronomic tastings.