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Welcome to Cooking Lisbon booking. Our classes can be tailored taking into account your dietary restrictions (e.g. allergy to gluten, shellfish, nuts; diabetes).

Notes before you proceed with the booking:

1) Cooking Lisbon closes on the following days: December (days : 24, 25, 26, 31), January (Day: 1).
2) Portuguese Traditional Gastronomy it´s not vegetarian friendly, in this cases, we can adapt the original dishes or provide a different dish.
3) Our classes are in English.
3) Cooking Lisbon will accept bookings until the maximum number of 14 people is reached (except Food Tour, that the maximum is 10 persons). Please note that once the minimum number of participants are 2 people, in case this number is not reached Cooking Lisbon may cancel your Cooking Class or Market Tour. Cancelations will take place until 2 days before the activity and you will receive an email informing of this.

If you want to book a special event, click on special events button.


Cooking Lisbon

Rua Bernardim Ribeiro, 9

​1150-068 Lisboa, Portugal

(+351) 916 047 883


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