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At Cooking Lisbon we believe that the best way to make our country known is through our unique gastronomy. We are a cooking school that has a deep passion for teaching our traditions to those who visit us whilst getting to know new cultures and exchanging experiences. For this reason, our classes are given in a relaxed atmosphere, just as if we were in a friend’s kitchen. The idea is to make you feel at home and to enjoy one of life's best experiences: food. 


We are located in the centre of Lisbon, in a space that totals 250m2, comprised of two separate kitchens, each with a dining area. Our kitchens can accommodate up to 20 and 50 people, respectively and have a layout that allows you to participate actively in all phases of the creation of the traditional dishes. The dining areas are designed for a relaxed atmosphere allowing for the exchange of ideas and sharing of cultural experiences. Finally, our gourmet shop, located in the front of the school, is the ideal gathering place for small Portuguese wine tastings and snacks. A variety of local and regional products are available, these items are perfect reminders of Portugal and can be enjoyed immediately or when you return to your home. 

Our cooking classes are given for groups with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 10 and the themes are focused on traditional Portuguese cooking. You can get to know our gastronomy through the Portuguese Cooking Class, Market Tour, Portuguese Gourmet Class and Pastel de Nata Experience. In addition, at Cooking Lisbon we offer Food Tours for a more comprehensive experience of our gastronomic culture. For companies and private groups, we also offer the following services: Culinary Team Buildings, Group Dinners, Wine Maker for a Day, Portuguese Wine Trivia and Cook for the Homeless and Group Classes. 


Food is an idea many people pursue as a business but few have the absolute passion and tenacity to see their dream come to fruition. Cooking Lisbon exists today because of Filipe José Louro Cordeiro's passion and vision to share Portuguese cooking with the World. Filipe was born in Ericeira. At the age of 6 he moved to Lisbon, a city that has become his beloved home. Bored and frustrated with his previous career in the IT industry, Filipe took a leap of faith, following his passion for travel and desire to meet people combined with his love of Portugal, he created his first business in 2011. Different Portugal is a travel company that thinks outside the box by offering completely customized tour packages with a focus on individual experiences rather than the typical, generic tours.

With the success of Different Portugal, Filipe then turned his attention to another passion.. food, specifically traditional Portuguese cuisine. Cooking Lisbon was created to provide a fun, interactive way for visitors to Portugal to learn about Portuguese history and the Portuguese influence on many international cuisines. Filipe believes that developing friendships is truly the best way to understand the world and food provides an instant dialogue for individuals from all backgrounds and all languages. Both companies aim to provide unique and unforgettable moments to our visitors, or friends as Filipe likes to call them.

Filipe assembled like minded individuals who have a passion for Portuguese flavours and tradition and are desirous to share the epicurean delights of Portuguese gastronomy. 


Cooking Lisbon

Rua Bernardim Ribeiro, 9

​1150-068 Lisboa, Portugal

(+351) 916 047 883


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