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The 10 most typical dishes in Lisbon… that you have to try now

In addition to being beautiful, Lisbon is a city that has already seen the "birth" of several dishes, which are now famous throughout the country. Let's meet them!

In Portugal, and particularly in the capital, we love a good dish of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Today we are going to reveal to you just 10 of the most typical dishes in Lisbon, recipes that originated in the city, starting, of course, with the famous pastel de nata.

1 - Pastel de Nata

Going to Lisbon and not eating one of its famous Pastéis de Nata is almost like going to Rome and not seeing the pope.

2 - Pataniscas de Bacalhau

As a snack or main course, the cod fritters are a delicacy! The pataniscas consist of shredded cod with onion and parsley, wrapped in an egg batter with flour and fried in very hot oil.

3 - Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato must be the most traditional summer snack dish in Lisbon and Portugal. Who has never tasted the delight of a good skillet full of clams with coriander, garlic, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper?

4 - Iscas com elas

It is one of our favorite dishes in Lisbon, as long as the thin strips of liver (Iscas) are very tender and with that sauce and onion surrounding the delicious potatoes (Elas).

5 - Bacalhau à Brás

This is one of the famous, and easy to make, most typical dishes in Lisbon. There's no tavern that doesn't sell out this classic Portuguese style fish and chips.

The codfish is shredded and sautéed with straw potatoes, onion and scrambled egg. The black olives and chopped parsley that cover it don't deceive: it's one of the most popular dishes in Lisbon.

6 - Peixinhos da Horta

It's more like a snack or starter than a main course, but it's delicious like few others.

It is clearly a recipe with humble origins, as it takes green beans and fries them in an egg and flour batter. It is even said that it was from this recipe that the Japanese “invented” tempura, which appears in many of their dishes.

7 - Meia Desfeita

Also known as Desfeita de Bacalhau com Grão, this is a typical dish from Lisbon's Mouraria district, which was once known as poor people's food.

The name Meia-Desfeita is due to the curious fact that customers only order half a portion of this dish, which served perfectly to satisfy hunger in those days.

8 - Meia-Unha or Mão de Vaca com Grão

The name Meia-Unha is due to the fact that only half of the cow's hand is served on the plate, and is available in virtually all taverns in the country, but mainly in Lisbon.

Being a meal made with very cheap ingredients may be the reason why it is one of the most accessible dishes and, therefore, the most successful among all those who enjoy a good snack.

9 - Ovos Verdes

Like some of the meals already described above, green eggs can also serve as a starter, snack or main dish.

Since always in Lisbon taverns, but also in top restaurants, green eggs are a simple delicacy to make, although some patience is needed to cook a good platter of them. One thing is for sure: everyone will love it!

10 - Fava Rica

It's the only soup on this list of meals with Lisbon origins, and what a rich soup!

The story goes that until the beginning of the 20th century it was sold in the streets of the capital, by women who proclaimed “Fava Riiiica!”.

It stands out for being a very nutritious food, very cheap and easy to make: dry cooked broad beans sautéed with olive oil, garlic and pepper. The result is a soup that is, to say the least, very delicious and highly filling.

We teach you how to make most of these traditional dishes, if you want to learn book now for a Cooking Class and learn with us how to make the most typical dishes in Lisbon!

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