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The million dollar question: Where in the world can you try the best local food?

TasteAtlas combined the average of the ratings of the best local and regional dishes served in a particular city. And voilà - here is a list of the 100 best cities in the world to enjoy local food, and Lisbon is on 12th place!


SCORE: 4.58

LOCAL TIP: Savor pasteis de nata from smaller, off-the-beaten-path bakeries for a more authentic experience.

Lisbon, the captivating capital of Portugal, is known for its picturesque neighborhoods, historic monuments, and somewhat easygoing lifestyle. The local food scene in Lisbon may witness a rise in trendy eateries, but traditional Portuguese cuisine still reigns supreme in this city. Lisbon’s traditional food is characterized by its robust flavors, fresh seafood, and delectable pastries.

When talking about food not to miss, the first thing that comes to mind is pastéis de nata, a custard-filled pastry that has become emblematic of Lisbon’s culinary identity.

A unique feature of Lisbon’s food scene is the prominence of tascas, small, unpretentious eateries that serve home-style Portuguese dishes.

Caracois, or snails cooked in a savory broth, is a cherished seasonal delicacy that might not suit every palate, but is definitely worth a try.

LOCAL FOODS YOU HAVE TO TRY: ○ Pastel de nata ○ Bacalhau ○ Cozido ○ Prego ○ Polvo à Lagareiro ICONIC FOOD PLACES: ○ Pastéis de Belém ○ Adega das Gravatas ○ Cervejaria Ramiro ○ Manteigaria ○ A Casa do Bacalhau

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