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What can be a Portuguese cooking experience?

A Portuguese cooking experience happens 7 days per week in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital receives thousands of people everyday. They arrive from all Continents since they have origin on different countries.

What can you expect from a Portuguese cooking experience is something unique. A blend of knowledge on Portuguese Traditional culinary and conventual sweets. Singular trips to the world of flavors. A journey during centuries because the influence of the Age of Discoveries is present on Portuguese traditions.

Foreigners that visit Portugal will discover amazing fresh seafood because Portuguese have it fresh six days per week. Our tip is that you avoid seafood dishes on Mondays, since fisherman don´t fish on Sundays.

It is also strange from a huge percentage of foreigners that Portuguese are the main consumers of codfish . Some of the most typical cod fish dishes are Codfish Brás Style, Codfish with Cream or even Codfish Zé do Pipo Style ( Recipe available online ) .

A Portuguese cooking experience can be also meat. If you are a meat lover, you will be happy to know that the locals consume mainly Pork and chicken . However, Portugal has an amazing diversity of dishes based on rabbit, beef , duck ( Duck Rice for example ).

The local gastronomy will be excellent also for gluten or lactose intolerants. You will have so many options available that to choose the best, is real the issue.

Vegans will have problems to taste the real food based on Portuguese traditional gastronomy.

Conventual sweets are egg based and most of the dishes have meat or seafood (and in some cases both, for example Pork Meat Alentejo Style ( mixing pork meat with clams ).

What can be a Portuguese Cooking Experience ?

First of all the respect for health restrictions and religious restrictions. You will be able to choose between a Seafood Experience (tuesdays), Market Tour with Cooking Class (thursdays and saturdays) or a Cooking Class (tuesdays, wednesdays, fridays and sundays ) .

It will have moments to learn how to cook. Classes where everyone will develop their skills while learn something about Portugal, the Portuguese and cooking.

Social moments with other people and a professional chef to follow. During the classes, you will be able to share your experiences as travel.

Cooking Lisbon classes become unique for several items, main concern? People visiting Portugal that would love to learn something about our culture, spots, gastronomy, history among other subjects.

Be a explorer! Travel with us to the World of flavors, on a real Portuguese cooking experience based on Portuguese traditional gastronomy and / or conventual sweets .

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