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Food is an idea many people pursue as a business but few have the absolute passion and tenacity to see their dream come to fruition. Cooking Lisbon exists today because of Filipe José Louro Cordeiro's passion and vision to share Portuguese cooking with the World.

Nossos Chefs
Banca peixe

"A highlight of our trip to Lisbon was our cooking lesson at Cooking Lisbon. Our instructor, Ana, was very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly. She was kind and spent time with us discussing Portuguese cuisine and culture. We really appreciated the opportunity to talk with her – she answered all our questions and gave us the local perspective. She was very professional, and we were so glad to have the experience with her. The food and wine were delicious and we look forward to trying the recipes on our own here at home."


Cooking Lisbon

Rua Bernardim Ribeiro, 9

​1150-068 Lisboa, Portugal

(+351) 916 047 883


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