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Ingredients, preparation and plating. Three simple words that make a world of difference to your culinary experience. We eat with our senses: what you see, smell, and feel. Studies even suggest that food presentation can actually make a simple dish taste better.

Do you want tips on how to select the best ingredients without breaking the bank?

Are you a proficient home chef but want to elevate your dishes with some new skills?

This is the class for you!
They say that you eat with your eyes first, so why not learn some secrets from a professional chef to sharpen your plating skills. Understand the importance of plating and create the perfect canvas for your dish. Learn some simple techniques and tips in elevating your ordinary meal into extraordinary visual presentation!

Recipes will change depending on the season, but here is a sample menu:
-Ostras, coentros e abacaxi
-Presa de porco preto, legumes glaciados e picles de cogumelos
-Bacalhau confitado a baixa temperatura, grãoe azeitonas explosivas
-Abade priscos, espuma de limão e crocante de bacon


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You have arrived to the best food experiences in Lisbon, Portugal !


Highlights of Michelin Secrets Class


Duration: 3:30 hours (Starting hour: 6:30pm; Ending hour: 10pm – estimated)
Availability: Wednesdays 
Highlights: Preparation of a Fine Dinning Portuguese meal and Dinner (wine included)
Location/Meeting place: Rua Bernardim Ribeiro, 9 – 1150-068 Lisbon ( Google Maps )
Language: English
Price: 100 € / person (all taxes included)

Notes: Minimum number of participants 2 adults while Maximum number of participants 14 people. Cooking Lisbon can accept different bookings until the minimum and maximum number of participants is reached. Cooking Lisbon can cancel bookings in case the minimum number of participants is not reached. Wifi is available during the class.

Portuguese Traditional Gastronomy is not vegetarian friendly. In this cases, we can adapt the original dishes or provide a different dish.



Cooking Lisbon

Rua Bernardim Ribeiro, 9

​1150-068 Lisboa, Portugal

(+351) 916 047 883


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