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Clean & Safe, Global Pandemia

Clean & Safe program from Tourism of Portugal is now a reality. Cooking Lisbon increase the already highest level of hygiene on the culinary classes. We have now a highest level of requirements to follow some of the key rules. Valid till Abril 2021.

The program started with training to our team, explaining the DGS rules of hygiene and safety. DGS means Direcção Geral de Saúde, health organization in Portugal who follows the pandemia evolution. Besides of observation, makes the connection between national hospitals and regional health centers.

If it was already mandatory to wash hands on the beginning of every cooking class, since we started our culinary activity. Now days, it will be mandatory to wash hands also along the culinary class.

Another measure important measure establish is the aprons . During the pandemic phase of our lifes, we will give disposable aprons to every participant. After us, they will put it in a box without touching, avoiding contact.

Kitchen Clean and Safe

Cleaning Kitchen - every class we use several appliances, tools and people walk around the kitchen. After, by default, we always clean the kitchen for the next class. Cooking Lisbon always wash the floor, toilets, tools and clean the appliances.

Major appliances used are inductions and ovens . Ovens will go into pyrolytic process . cleaning process outside on surfaces and buttons. Tools that had been used on the cooking class, will go directly to the washing machine with high temperatures.

Cooking Lisbon team

Team - Our team, will measure temperature on free will twice a day. It is mandatory to follow the general instructions of washing hands with the correct solutions entering and leaving the facilities. Clothes were already washed to highest temperatures, which means, this measure will continue.

Besides these measures, we have implement also other complement measures for our team, facilities. Some, internal process such as clean surfaces on regular basis. We want your safety, our safety but above all that we all can win pandemia together, since together we are protecting each other.

Improvements on your booking

Besides the Clean & Safe program, additionally we develop an extra guarantee for your booking. We know that pandemic is global and for this reason, our or your country can be safe, however other can have restrictions. For this reason, if you need to postpone or cancel without future date, we will not have administrative fee´s. Instead, we will send you a voucher that you will be able to use till 18 months after. Check our add on on terms and conditions page.

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