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Lisbon team building events

Lisbon team building events are common. There is a diversity of activities and Cooking Lisbon is working on culinary experiences. These team building events are based on Portuguese gastronomy.

Corporate companies such as Google, Spotify or UBER have been at Cooking Lisbon in the past. They choose Lisbon by the weather and gastronomy. Portugal has so much to offer in terms of accommodation, activities and the weather with excellent connections to Europe.

Each team building is different, why? Because groups are different, methodology can be unique and goal of the company changes. We also change the menu, due to health restrictions or religious restrictions of participants.

Transportation of your team

Transportation of the group is also a concern since depends of the dimension. We organize activities for 10 participants or 70 participants with different requirements, which means tailor made transportation. The meeting point can be made by Tuk Tuks, Van´s or Bus for 60 people. If you will organize the bus transportation feel free to require instructions, Cooking Lisbon will send you a map that may help you.

Unique Lisbon team building events

Since 2014 that Cooking Lisbon operates Portuguese culinary activities with focus on T.B. events and tourism sector activity. Due to the dimension of groups, we have developed own methodology. Surprise boxes to more social and engaging activity, everything is possible to make.

Is it possible to make an activity without the cooking process ? Yes, indeed. In fact, there is Winemaker for a Day , the perfect game at our facilities and even at the hotel of your accommodation. (Requires hotel authorization, one room, tables and chairs for the participants).

Will you travel to Lisbon? Would you love to know more about Cooking Lisbon team building events? Get in touch, while you wait for a quote, engage with us on our social media channels.

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