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New Winemaker winner in Peniche !

The day starts with a confirmation list of the things to take for this outdoor winemaker for a day event . This time, we went to Peniche which is a Atlantic hub for maritime-tourist activities.

Located in West Region of Portugal, is known by the Rip Curl Pro Portugal which is part of the World Surf League Tour. Location famous for the national and international suffers and bodyboarders . However, our challenge for today is a wine game.

We arrive to the hotel and asked for the room where it will happen the event. Excellent collaboration and availability of the hotel team . We start to take out everything from the van and distribute along the tables . Checked the papers and we were ready to start.

We started the winemaker for a day activity with a short briefing. We explained the rules of the game and organized the subgroups. People start with the wine tasting and the learning process of the different grape varieties .

They worked in specific combinations according their preference. It is so funny to see people working as they were in a wine lab. Trying their best, to define a wine and a strategy of the product developed . After trying and tasting different combinations they selected the best product made. They created the branding of their wine and design a label.

Leaders of the Winemaker for a Day

It was time to make the blind wine tasting by the leaders of each subgroup . They classify the products developed while they tasted the wines made by each subgroup. The rest of the participants could taste some cheese, bread, chorizo.