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Things travelers should know

There´s things travelers should know while visiting Portugal is that the diversity of activities to do in our country is huge. Gastronomy, Heritage, culture, sports, everything is possible.

Things travelers should know …

Population:things travelers should know about Portugal ( 10,2 millon in the country). Most of the young people speak fluent english and will understand Spanish also. Most of the facilities (restaurants, museums, monuments) will have information in other languages as english, french, german and Spanish. If you find someone with low level, Portuguese will try to do their best, making gestures, signs, whatever to explain you the information you request.

Emergency Number :Call 112 if you need police or ambulance. If you have personal injuries you will be taken to a public hospital which have excellent service and with prices comparing with other countries.

Lisbon Airport, Arrivals
Lisbon Airport, Arrivals

Airports and Transportation

Airports : The country has three internacional airports (Lisboa – LIS , Oporto – OPO and Faro – FAO).

If you are traveling to Lisbon Airport, the centre of the city is only 20 to 30 minutes away from Lisbon´s Airport.

The price of the cab depends of your luggage, hours, time / distance . At Lisbon Airport you can buy a taxi voucher at the Tourism Office Departament at Arrivals, which has na established price.

Transportation: If you are in Lisbon (the portuguese capital since XII century) you have available a good public transportation. Metro, Bus and Taxi to move around the city, where you can have a card for your trips. You have also Train, if you want to go up to Porto / Douro, Évora, Algarve.

Electricity: the electric current in Portugal is 230/400 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz and sockets comply with European standards.

Language: the official language of the country is Portuguese, the 5th most spoken language worldwide.

Lisbon Rossio square

Safety: Portugal is in general a safe country for visitors and locals. You should have your prevent to walk around with your wallet on your back pocket. Holding the camera in one hand. Avoid also to put mobiles, cameras and wallets on the top of a table.

Accommodation: Lisbon downtown has available several hotels, hostels, apartments that you can choose. Central Areas are : Rossio, Restauradores, Saldanha, Bairro Alto. Choose according your preferences. Usually you can make the check-in after 2pm and check-out till noon.

Currency and Cards

Cards issued outside of Portugal: if you lost your credit card where to should you call:

American Express Lisbon – Phone :  214 270 400 Mastercard – Phone :  800 811 272 Visa – Phone :  800 811 107

Currency :  Euro (€), till 2002 Portuguese used “Escudos”.  Portugal ATM network was launched in 1985 and has now available more than 14.000 machines in the country and around 280.000 POS.

Cooking Lisbon provides activities of cooking classes, pastry and baking classes and market tours for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 12. If your group is bigger, please request information through contact form.

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