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Portuguese White Wines

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Portuguese White Wines are amazing and the country has a huge production and diversity of grapes varieties. You will find the country divided in different wine regions.

The Portuguese White Wine is light, fruity and refreshing, specially if you drink it in the Summer with hot temperatures.

In the North West of Portugal is the major source of wine with lowest and high alcohol with some characteristics also of acidity: Vinho verde (also known as Green Wine ). This wine can be made of several grape varieties.

Some of the grapes may be more aromatic than others. It will be possible and common to find blends. These wines can be dry or medium-dry.

What we advice to eat as wine pairing? By definition Vinho Verde is perfect for Summer. You should use them to make refreshing aperitifs, salads (due to their acidity), perfect match with seafood and fish.

Its common also to find them on International Cuisine such as Thai or any other South East Asian Cuisines.

Full-bodied Portuguese White Wines

The Full-bodied whites are richer in texture and alcohol because vineyards are turned to south to have more sun (highest summer temperatures). You will find the best full-bodied whites in the following wine regions : Douro, Alentejo, Trás-os-Montes.

A winelover will find in Portugal a numerous indigenous grape varieties. As a result of this process you will love to drink and make pairings with smoked foods ( seafood, fish ). Some of the Portuguese white wines will be difficult to make food pairings, due to oaky flavours.

Visit Portugal and some of the wine makers. You will love to know how much efforts and love they give to their products. While in Portugal and specially if you will be in Lisbon, get in touch.

If you have Portuguese White Wines at home, feel free to check our fish recipes.

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